Balance and Design

by Alex Lehr on Sep 23, 2016

Balance and Design

It's always exciting when the industry meets and you really get your finger on the pulse of what's happening out there for retailers and customers alike. The NYC Fashion Week was a busy one for us. We had great traffic from a lot of shops - some we've known for going on two decades others not as long, but it was great to see everyone and get such a positive response to the Spring 2017 Collection. We love meeting new people both on the vendor side as well as the new stores who have just discovered us. 

There is such a push right before the show for us to have everything ready that it almost seems like when the show starts, that's the easy part, getting to talk about all the work you put in, and the designs and ideas behind the new collection. Together with our sales staff we try and make sure and do our share of listening as well.

We know our job is to provide the products you are looking for, and want to have as much information as possible when we design, about what your needs are. It's a delicate balance designing within our factory capabilities, the best use of our resources, and all we'd like to do with them, and all you need from us. We do consider trends, but what we find more interesting is how to translate them into what we believe American Colors stands for as a fashion line that requires minimal effort and delivers maximum comfort and classic style.

In the meantime, our shop in Santa Barbara is receiving the favorite pieces from our Fall 2016 Collection. We will have more to share online with Fall just as soon as the dust settles. You can expect some super soft and cozy flannels very soon!

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