Slowing Down Summer

by Shannon Lehr on Jul 11, 2016

Slowing Down Summer

Lots of travel happening this summer for our family! We've spent time on beaches and hikes, on the lake and in the ocean. The kids are reading a lot, keeping connections with friends, visiting family, and swimming nonstop. Sometimes in the midst of a busy schedule, we find our favorite moments are the quiet ones in between all this activity. The quiet cuddle or the earnest conversation on our walk, weeding the garden while they just play in the yard... listening to those giggles and squeals is like music to my ears. I'm so grateful we can travel and have friends and family to share memories with, but it's those times in between, when it's just us, that I savor and never want to end. I hear myself thinking "Slowdown Summer" and wishing I could live in slow motion for a while.

As we work on the Spring 2017 samples it's a delicate balance between the thrill of travel and new places and still comforts of home we want our clothes to interpret. They are always classic in style, and yet novel in the feel and fabric. We want you to remember your special moments whether traveling or at home and make that nostalgia real each time you slip on one of our designs. 

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