Our Mission: 
At American Colors, our unwavering goal is to approach zero waste in every facet of our operations. How do we achieve this ambitious aim? By focusing on made-to-order production, limited production runs, and meticulous stock management. We believe in creating with purpose and ensuring that our impact on the planet is minimal.
Fabric Innovation: Embracing Eco-Conscious Choices
Our dedication to sustainability extends to the very fabric of our creations. We consciously choose fabrics that align with our eco-friendly values. Here's a glimpse into the fabrics we prioritize and why:
  1. Organic Cottons + Organic Fibers: Supporting clean water, preserving soil health, and fostering a robust ecosystem.
  2. Linen: A plant-based choice known for its longevity, character, and improvement with age.
  3. Tencel: Derived from wood pulp, it utilizes less water in production, requires fewer dyes to achieve vibrant colors. 
  4. Recycled Fibers: Giving a new life to materials, reducing waste, and promoting circular fashion.
  5. Jobbers: We source excess fabric from luxury brands' mills, minimizing waste and maximizing the use of available resources.
Join us on our journey towards zero waste and conscious fashion. American Colors- where style meets sustainability.
Our Story
Founded in 1997 by fashion legend Henry Lehr and his son Alex, American Colors has always stood for incredible comfort and quality. Our evolution has taken us from the world of garment dyeing to focusing on the most sustainable and organic yarn dyed fabrics from Japan.
All garments are cut, sewn and washed in New York before being shipped to the finest specialty stores and select luxury hotels across the Globe.  
With an increased awareness of the damage caused by the fashion industry, we strive to decrease our carbon footprint by focusing on organic and recycled materials within our collection. 
We are not following trends, but instead design and focus on classic silhouettes that are made to last. 
We are a small independent family owned business, focused on classic silhouettes in the finest quality materials. We are fervent advocates of promoting and sustaining jobs in the USA, as well as supporting our local factories. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our customers for enabling us to craft clothing right here in the USA. Your support makes it all possible.