Changes in the Air

by Shannon Lehr on Jan 02, 2021

Changes in the Air

Argue your limitations, and they will surely be yours... this phrase has been on my mind for some time. I've found some encouragement as I repeat it to myself. It reminds us to keep finding a way, and as an entrepreneur this is our constant task, to problem solve and find a way to make things work. We have been challenged this year to problem solve in ways we never had imagined. Yet with every obstacle we find a new beginning possible. 

The pandemic has brought economic challenges that has us wanting to offer a broader range in price for our products. We have spent a lot of time researching how we can do this, and which resources could best offer products that make this possible. It's exciting to find others who support this move towards a new division and restructuring so we can offer more under ALEX LEHR, and because he's the real connection between our design, our relationships with resources and our customers, then we want his name to be as central to our company as he is. 

Both of our lines are defined by Alex's easy going disposition. Both lines value comfort and quality. American Colors will continue to be made domestically in small custom batch production with the finest Japanese fabrics we find that lend themselves to our classic silhouettes. We are happy to offer Hampton Wash now as well, this label will be focused on knits and basics carefully selected overseas factories. The production offered by these small factories overseas allows us to buy more quantity for less, and pass that savings on to you. We bring the garments in and give them our softest wash and finishing here in our smaller East Coast facilities. Processed here we bring you the same quality you know and trust that is expected when you wear ALEX LEHR designs. 

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