Perspective During Pandemic

by Shannon Lehr on May 22, 2020

Perspective During Pandemic

Last summer we spent most of our time in the NY Seasonal Store connecting with customers, and hearing their feedback directly. It's served us well the last two years to spend this time talking with those who have supported our brand and business to see what is working for them, and what we can improve on. Taking all these conversations to heart we began to design for next year's 2020 Spring Summer and Fall. We were thankful our wholesale customers had great reactions to the 2019 selling seasons as we stood in the booth and spent time with them as well during trade shows. We had high hopes as production arrived and orders began to be completed for Spring 2020. Shipping was about to begin when the shutdown happened. We pivoted and began to rework the foundation of our company, and keep good lines of communication with customers on all channels. Being a small family run operation is difficult and still has advantages we are trying to maximize right now, like being nimble and flexible in an incredibly volatile economy to try and stay ahead of the constant changes.

We are so very thankful for everyone's support and we are still waiting to open our Santa Barbara location, and hopeful that we can open up our seasonal store in NY again this summer, but we are in a waiting pattern for now. We are trying to stay patient and do as much as we can for our community locally by donating masks, and sourcing hand sanitizers, as well as supporting other local business and restaurants. While the media continues to push so much negativity we will continue to look to our community and each other with gratitude and for a positive perspective.

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