Family & Holidays

by Shannon Lehr on Nov 21, 2016

Family & Holidays

For this Winter/Fall photo shoot we were inspired by the strong women who are mothers, and sisters, and friends alike. Our business touches women as customers, as employees, and as vendors. I have to hand it to Alex, for how well he knows and understands women. It shows in his work, with his customer service, and in his design ideas, and at home as well with our three daughters. As if that's not enough already, he's also the best partner I could ask for in both business and at home. 

We feel it is important for us to show how our clothing works so well for customers across generations. We enjoyed working with Lynette and her two daughters as we walked the Presidio in Santa Barbara, and grabbed a coffee together on an occasional break. You can feel in the pictures how warm an individual Lynette is, and her daughters are just as easy going and genuine. Although they are all gorgeous there isn't an ounce of ego to be found. There are so many amazing women like Lynette and her daughters that we are grateful for... To our employees, and vendors, and customers thank you for all your support and all of your spirit, and all you do to inspire people around you.

This time of year, friends and families gather to play games, share and make new traditions and memories, and cook and eat delicious meals. While this is important to be together, let's face it, it's not always easy! Our selection of the softest flannels and baby cord styles that are classic and cozy, and will keep you looking effortlessly put together even when you are busy with entertaining or travel. 

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  • Barbara S
    Feb 19, 2017 at 01:31

    Lynette and her daughters are gorgeous and represent true classic casual. Bravo!


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