Transparency Leads To Trust

by Alex Lehr on Dec 19, 2020

Transparency Leads To Trust

I remember a time not too long ago, when people didn't ask what was in their food at restaurants, or how it was grown or how it was treated before making it to their plate. I also remember a time when consumers rarely looked where a product was made and could not care less about the values and beliefs of the company's CEO before buying. 

And then in a flash, all of that changed.

As entrepreneurs, we’re held to a higher standard now more than ever. With online platforms like social media, review sites, and discussion forums, transparency is critical to business success. I have to say I'm grateful for it, but I'm still very aware of the corporate machine and lobbyists that govern how things are portrayed in media. I do my best to be responsible on both the consumer level, and personally within our business to be informed when purchasing and to minimize our waste as a family and a business. 

We have learned a lot about ourselves this year, and what we are capable of as a culture, and as a business alike. Many positive things, and some negative on both ends. We feel that it's important to have a tangible dialogue with our customers, and that's what we strive for in our shops, and on the phone and emails you send us. Your supportive emails and phone calls mean the world to us, and have made a huge difference in these trying times. So, please know how far that goes, and how grateful we are for your kind words. 

Looking forward at the new economic landscape and how our industry fits into it, we are making it a priority to share information openly and honestly and to continue to be straightforward about our operations. There have been new developments within our business that we will share here in our journal. 

We want to maintain your trust, and continue to grow our relationships with customers by doing this. Our media machine has made it difficult to trust each other as well as our government, and that erosion is harmful on so many levels. We want to do our part to repair and rebuild that which has been broken down in our culture, so that our customers feel more confident than ever when they purchase our products that they are supporting a business worthy of their hard earned money, and their value is not compromised. Please keep reading and we hope this journal can be a place you can find out all the details you want about our brand. 

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