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Work to Live or Live to Work

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Ideally we like to try and keep a balance.

Sometimes our lives center on work or careers, and achievement in our professions can be a major source of satisfaction and meaning. 

Then there are times that although we take great pride in our work and put great effort into doing a job well, alas our jobs simply are not the centers of their lives, and we look for meaning elsewhere. 

It can be a choice, and other times life is governed by the circumstances thrown at us. This much I know to be true: we are defined by our actions, and our life will reflect our choices made around them. 

So, I'm pondering all this, as Alex and I have made a choice to open another shop! Yes, it was with much deliberation that we came to this decision. We are excited though as we begin this adventure of returning to our roots in New York, and we love our work, and bringing the family along for the ride. We are focused on making it a great place to shop our brand and connect with customers, all while enjoying one of the most beautiful parts of the country in summer. 

This shop will be in Westhampton Beach, NY. 

Come by and say hi!

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