Seasons Change

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Life has many seasons and it's all about change, seasons changing constantly. It amazes me the way Alex has the calendar ingrained in him... to always be looking ahead to the next season, designing and beginning production. Yet he has to be grounded and completely in touch with the one we are in presently, as we ship and sell it. For him, growing up in a family rooted in the fashion industry, from modeling to manufacturing, has helped him be at ease and function within it. Me? I just roll with it. I remember our wedding date was decided based on this calendar and the availability of his family members! 

Spring is always a favorite and somewhat dramatic season, as we are always so ready for those warmer sunny days, and the light colors and fabrics that compliment this time of year. As we are closing our selling for Fall 2017 soon, and are shipping Spring 2017 in the next week, and it's been an exciting First Quarter for us. We want to see, savor, and rest in all the mundane and extraordinary things of our every day. 

Life definitely has more than four seasons, and if you're the type that despises change, instead of seeing it as a season ending, look at it as a season transitioning. Life is all about transitioning, but it is still something to be embraced and lived out intentionally no matter what season of life you are in.

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  • Love American Colors..my first shirt but not my last!

    Joan e smith on
  • Many yrs ago I always purchased tissue thin cotton drawstring pets from u. I couldn’t find them anymore and was wondering if u are making any version if them. Loved them because I was able to wear them to the beach since they were sooo thin

    Jill Eichner on

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