Simple Face Cover
$ 15.00

Simple Face Cover

Made with our fine cotton fabrics, fun stripes and florals and with contrasting strings these easy tie-on closures make it easy to fit different sizes. This style is ideal for children both littles up to teens. Adults are comfortable in this style as well, but it does not have the added pocket protection for an additional replaceable tissues. 

We are offering one mask free of charge for a limited time with a minimum purchase of $100. Price will be automatically adjusted at checkout.

- Care for with hand-washing in a solution of warm water and soap for at least two minutes. Then gently rinse thoroughly and lay flat to dry.

- If you prefer a color or pattern, please make a note with your order, otherwise they will come assorted in these colors.

- Please contact us with special requests or bulk orders and we will accommodate if possible.


A cloth face cover does not offer the same protection as a conventional, industry-standard face cover and is not a replacement for one.