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Let's talk about sustainability, and the trend companies have in really showcasing how much they are making an effort to be successfully sustainable. We'd just like to break it down to this: 

Beautiful images of factories and content workers are great for marketing, but they are still over seas, which means the goods are being shipped to the far reaches of the world multiple times to finally end up in your hands. This creates a huge carbon footprint. Also, these goods are still being produced in massive quantities, which means there is going to be huge waste, and excess product that is sitting somewhere unsold most likely in warehouses for months, and eventually landfills. 

Sustainability is being defined in unique self-serving ways by huge companies to make you feel good about your less expensive purchases and maximize their marketing angles.

We don't post blogs too often, but this was one we felt worth sharing. We are seeing so much of this marketing, and believe it's important to share our perspective here on the blog about such things we hold as a core value to our company. 

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