What does MADE IN THE USA mean to you?

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How can we define what it is to be MADE IN THE USA? 

It is not just simply that many clothing lines have one place from start to finish, thread to machine, that only one location and one entity are responsible for. 

Before it reaches a shelf or hanger and then your hands, a garment has many stages it visits. It’s earliest inception beginning with an observation of necessity, and then an idea on how to translate and fill that need. When we begin to build a collection from season to season, we use shapes that we know are proven to be well received and great fits,  and reference the trends and how those might apply to our sense of style and the AMERICAN COLORS customers’ needs. Our inspiration can take place while we are traveling, while we are sitting at our kitchen table over coffee, or working in the garden. Usually it’s a combination of a lot of these type of unique and still everyday moments. 

We select our fabric meticulously laying them out for weeks, and sometimes pouring over them for an hour at a time, and others times just leaving them out to pass by regularly and see what sticks and continues to appeal to us day to day. We work with our fabric suppliers to produce fresh and luxurious fabrics to use, always considering each style and shape and how they will translate. 

In our years of working with different suppliers from all over the Globe, we believe while there are beautiful wovens from many countries, it’s important to stand for something, and we time and again find that our line and our customers gravitate to the quality and luxury of the Japanese mills. 

From that point, the fabrics are received in the NJ or CA factory, and prepared for cutting. They are sewn in the machines here. There are tedious fittings and adjustments to each sample before production that occurs here before the final product is pressed lightly, tagged, and packaged. 

The final step is getting our labor of love into your hands, and relating all of our hard work, and passion of our product to you when you slip it on. We want you to know when you touch it, that the care at every stage was painstaking and arduous so that in an instant when you touch the garments we produce you will know this is quality that is unmatched.

While there are many hands that touch the process, they all are relationships that we cultivate because they share the same passion for the products they want to produce and provide for our customers. Alex and myself are there every step of the way, from the design to the fittings and the shipping and sales.  You are always our first and constant thought as the process unfolds. 

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